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Hi there, I just wanted to thank you guys and commend you all on your exceptional service.

The jeans arrived really quickly and my initial impression of them is true love. The fit, the quality, the style, all top marks from me.

I’ll give them a few riding miles and start sharing my experience with all my fellow riders and social media links. I expect that these are now my official favourite riding trousers and that I’ll be ordering some for my wife very soon.

My regards and thanks to all at Hood for making such a well-crafted, enthusiast’s product. And again, my appreciation for the exceptional service as well.



Motorcycle Jeans Protective Lining

The jeans arrived yesterday and they are perfect; very comfortable on and off the bike and very ‘stealth’ – they passed the “worn about the house and nobody noticed they were riding jeans” test! The ability to specify the leg length is a real bonus – the standard 32” is too long for me but 30” (offered by only a few manufacturers) while fine off the bike is just a little too short on the bike. So, all in all, I’m a firm fan!

I’ll be back online soon for a black pair!

Many Thanks


Motorcycle Jeans Protective Lining

Hi Julie

My jeans arrived safely today. I just wanted to say that I am extremely satisfied with the service received and the quality of the jeans. The fit, look, and protection provided is excellent, and much better than I expected.

I’ve been riding motorcycles since I was 14yrs of age, and over the years have purchased numerous pairs of motorcycle jeans from different suppliers, and I would say that these are unequivocally the best. I would have no hesitation in recommending these to friends and will certainly be purchasing from you in the future. I will review these jeans on a motorcycle forum I’m an active member of. All the very best.


Motorcycle Jeans Protective Lining

Dear Julie

Many thanks for your email and I look forward to receiving the jeans

Can I just add something:

I bought a pair of K7/AAAs last year and they are fantastic. They are incredibly comfortable to ride in for hours on end. They are obviously robustly made and have their triple A rating but you can also ‘feel’ that safety and quality when wearing them and that is so reassuring. Totally amazing is how, despite all of that safety they are really passable as everyday jeans when off the bike.

I’m off to do the NC500 in June and the new jeans are a treat to myself for that trip. I just wanted to say many thanks for making a truly great product. Keep up the good work!



Motorcycle Jeans Protective Lining

Thank you so much.

I was amazed at how heavy the pants feel when you hold them up but once you put them on, they feel so light and comfortable. They’re also very breathable. The perfect jean. Even when not riding

Motorcycle Jeans Protective Lining

Hello Julie

I received my first pair of Hood Jeans this morning, I just wanted to email and thank you as they are absolutely brilliant, how quite heavy jeans can fit so well and feel so comfortable is magic.

I will recommend them to everyone

Very best wishes


Motorcycle Jeans Protective Lining

Just wanted to let you know, got my jeans in the mail and I am blown away at how well put together they are. They have exceeded my expectations and I absolutely love them. Thank you for making such an incredible product and for them being an option in the myriad lot of options out there. Glad I found you and I will be a customer for life!


Motorcycle Jeans Protective Lining

Chris and Julie,
I am writing to say hello, and to thank you for making a great product. One year ago, I purchased the K7/AAA with D30 T5 X PRO. These jeans have exceeded my expectations in every way. In addition to being well made they also look and feel great. I am very surprised at how comfortable they are in hot weather, and during the winter I wear them with a waterproof/windproof overpant. This keeps the armour next to my body while keeping me warm, dry, and comfortable. They are by far my favourite piece of riding gear. Also, it was amazing how quickly they arrived to my door in the USA. I highly recommend your product to anyone looking for quality, comfort and protection in motorcycle clothing.

Best regards,

Motorcycle Jeans Protective Lining

I have had (and cherished) Hood motorbike jeans for more than a dozen years.

My recent purchase of Hood’s AAA Rated jeans has simply reinforced my good opinion of the owners and their products.
Comfortable, a great fit and stylish – these jeans are the best in my opinion. OK, there are hugely expensive ‘single layer waterproof’ jeans available, but they aren’t AAA Rated. Add on excellent, caring aftersales and what more could you want!


Motorcycle Jeans Protective Lining

Just a quick thank you for your skin saving jeans!

I came off my motorcycle at the beginning of July after a car pulled out of a rural side road. I was travelling between 50 and 60mph and avoided hitting the car but my bike and I parted company and I rolled, so I was informed about 100metres along the asphalt. I suffered bruises and two fractures in my leg.

No other injuries, no doubt down to dumb luck and wearing decent protective gear including your jeans which were barely marked. They were however cut off by the ambulance service at the scene.

Thanks again for a quality product.

Motorcycle Jeans Protective Lining

Hi Julie

I received my hood jeans today and just wanted to let you and all the hood team know I’m blown away by them, the quality and fit is nothing short of excellent even my wife was impressed and believe me that doesn’t happen easily.

Thanks for the brilliant service as well.


Motorcycle Jeans Protective Lining

Hello Julie,

I have received the Hood jeans today and I wanted to personally say a MASSIVE Thank You! The quality of the jeans is absolutely fantastic! They’re the best pair of Jeans I have ever owned to be very honest with you.

The protection is unique! The way it feels and moulds around the body is incredible. Every single aspect of dealing with Hood Jeans company has been top and I’m over the moon with the fact that I’ve found you! I have been treated in great professional manner from day one when I started communicating with the Hood Team.

On this note, I would like to thank you for developing such great quality motorcycle gear and to let you know I’m more than happy for my feedback to be shared on Google. If it’s easier I can write it on there for you. Whatever works but it’s the least I can do to make sure other are made aware of such unique companies like yours still being in the biking world.

Be proud, be very proud!

A big congratulations to the Hood team for making these unique motorcycle jeans! Your company should be worldwide!

Your customer,


Motorcycle Jeans Protective Lining
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