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+44 (0) 1953 888811

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Hood Jeans
Studio 7, off Church Hill,
Banham, Norfolk NR16 2FD

For sales enquiries please call us:
+44 (0) 1953 888811

Alternatively email us:

Please note: It is not possible to visit and purchase Hood Jeans directly from the address above because Hood Jeans is an Internet based business and our products are only available to purchase online. Our service includes FREE Worldwide Shipping and FREE UK Returns, meaning it doesn’t cost to try our jeans at home. If any help is required on product specifications, style, fit or size please don’t hesitate to contact us on the telephone number / email address above, we are always happy to help.

"They are comfortable to wear (even with the pro armour), the size descriptions you give on your site match the product perfectly."
"I've been searching for literally years for the perfect pair of riding pants and I've finally found them"
"The cut, fit, and comfort of the jeans was something I have been trying to find in riding apparel for many years."
"You have exceeded my expectations in terms of quality of the product, customer service and timing of the delivery."
"Thanks to my Hood K7 Jeans I still have my legs intact."
"The paramedics were really impressed at how well everything held up, and so am I."
"The denim on my Hood Jeans had been ripped in numerous places but the K-tech para-aramid and D30 armour saved me from any injury."
"The pockets are really nice and deep with the security of Velcro on the side and back so you know you’re not going to lose anything."
"I had no road rash at all and the jeans were completely undamaged. Sadly, the medical team had to cut them off me but I managed to save the armour."
"I never felt hot or noticed the protectors and they look like a normal pair of jeans not the bulky attire usually associated with protective biker gear."
"I had no road rash at all and the jeans were completely undamaged. Sadly, the medical team had to cut them off me but I managed to save the armour."
"The knee armour gives me that extra bit of reassurance and no ugly seams across the thigh and calf."
"My jeans performed extremely well in their confrontation for the tarmac... The K-tech Para-aramid lining was totally un-marked."
"The knee armour in the Jeans was very effective in protecting my knees from the initial impact and subsequent excursion over the bonnet."
"Excellent product as advertised and I would highly recommend to anyone without hesitation."
"Great buying experience! I am very pleased with the product received and the speedy delivery."
"The Jeans arrived yesterday and I cannot thank you enough. They fit like real jeans unlike some of your competitors."
"Just a short mail to say how impressed I am with the cargo jeans my wife purchased recently... They are superbly made and the fit is just right."
"The damage to the jeans was a tiny hole in the outer layer and no penetration to the K-tech Para-aramid, 100 percent impressed with them."
"My K7 Jeans. What can I say? Wonderful Jeans can compete with any number of premium jeans brands. It fits very comfortable and looks very, very safe."
"My K7 Jeans stood up to a 60mph slide; part of which had a 200kg bike on top of them (and me)! The K-tech Para-aramid lining was completely intact."

Subject to our recent telephone conversation concerning the high speed accident I had whilst wearing my Hood jeans. As you

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