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For twenty-five years Hood Jeans has manufactured quality reinforced motorcycle jeans. Throughout this time protection has always remained their priority. Below is the story of the family behind the award winning motorcycle jeans.


Chris and Julie set up the company in 1998, however the roots of Hood Jeans go back a lot further.

Chris’s parents (June and Tom) first started making denim jeans back in 1955 at a jeans factory in London. The couple met at work, Tom being a mechanic and June a machinist, they married in 1957. Over the following years they helped to set up and develop a major jean brand, but by the mid-sixties they were ready to go it alone. They called their company Motown Jeans and based this in Stanford-le-Hope, Essex. It was around twenty years later at the Motown Jeans factory that Chris met Julie, and history repeated itself. Julie and Chris worked at the Motown Jeans factory for a number of years, before leaving to set up their own clothing company.

They spent the early years of their own business designing jeans for major high street names; during this time, they were asked by a motocross team to design their race kit. They were given fabrics such as Cordura, Ballistic Nylon and Kevlar to use within the kit, and gained much knowledge about the strengths of these hi-tech fabrics.

They continued working for the race team for a couple of years, before combining the hi-tech fabrics with their own knowledge and background in denim Jeans, the seed for Hood Jeans was sown. Chris and Julie worked on these ideas and designs for the next two years before launching the Hood Jeans brand of Motorcycle Jeans in 1998.

When launched, the Hood K7 Jean was the first ‘seamless’ motorcycle jean in the world, this means there was no tell-tale stitching on the outside, making the jean look just like a normal authentic denim jean, this same design philosophy remains the same to this day. The Hood K7 has since become one of the bestselling and most respected motorcycle Jeans on the market.

Over the years competitors have come and gone, but the focus and emphasis on protection for Hood Jeans has never changed, Chris says “for us protection has to be top of the list of priorities, we can then develop the design and work on the comfort from there.

2018: As from 21 April 2018 all motorcycle clothing had to by law be certified to the then proposed European Standard, prEN 17092. Hood Jeans embraced the new standard from day one, with the 2018 Hood K7 Infinity Jean achieving the accolade of being the first Jean in the UK to be certified prEN 17092-3 Rated AA. That same year Hood Jeans transferred their production to Shanghai. This move helped them improve the protection and comfort of the new CE certified Jeans. The factory is run by good friends of Chris and Julie; they introduced Chris to the latest machinery and advanced manufacturing techniques. Hood Jeans also introduced a new k-tech lining that was softer and stronger than previously used. Chris used all these elements within the new designs, helping make the 2018 Hood Jeans the safest and most comfortable Jeans Hood had ever produced. Chris regularly visits the factory and is always present when Hood Jeans are being produced. The development, design, sales, dispatch, and most importantly heart of the Hood Jeans remain in the UK, as does a small production capability and finishing workshop.

2020: The standard was published in full, EN 17092:2020. Hood Jeans continue to lead the way in development, testing and certification. They not only tested and certified to EN 17092:2020, but also run abrasion tests in accordance to the tougher EN 13595-2:2002 standard. This means they can use test data from their previous twenty-five years to help with the development. This continuous work saw results in 2022, when their jeans were upgraded to Class AAA: EN 17092-2:2020.

2020: D3O® introduced their amazing Level 1  Ghost™ armour. The Ghost™ is so comfortable; it was a real game changer for impact protection and for Hood Jeans. Simply fit and forget.

2021: The slim-fit Hood SK11 Jean was released. The never ending evolution of their jeans resulted in Hood Jeans becoming the first company to be awarded UKCA certificates by Satra Technology Ltd. Satra Press Release

2022: All styles of Hood Jeans that come with D3O® hip and knee armour are certified to the highest level of protection, Class AAA: EN 17092-2:2020. The increased protection and comfort are achieved by the introduction of new stretch denim. Another statement of evolution not revolution

2023: Sees Hood Jeans celebrate a quarter of a century in business. The achievement really means so much to Chris and Julie whilst demand for their jeans has never been so high, 2022 proving to be their most successful year to date.

New for 2023: Hood has added the new D3O® Level 2 Ghost™ hip and knee armour as an option for both the K7/AAA (S) Jean and SK11/AAA Jean. D3O® Ghost™ L2 is the most breathable, most flexible Level 2 limb protector on the market.  

Hood Motorcycle Jeans remains a family business: Chris states “We are a small family business, I believe this helps us give our customers a personal and friendly service” something that Hood Jeans are well known for. Julie finishes by saying “Our customers have given us so much support, encouragement and custom over the years, it’s their backing that’s made us the company we are today.

Hood Jeans Peace of mind

Hood Motorcycle Jeans are renowned worldwide for protection, quality, value for money and customer care. As a family run company for over 25 years; we are just as proud of our customer service as we are of our motorcycle jeans. Trust our jeans, trust our service, and trust in our company. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions.

25 Years of Hood Motorcycle Jeans | 1998 - 2023
EU AA Class Certified Motorcycle Jeans
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