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Motorcycle Jeans Para-Aramid Front


Motorcycle Jeans Para-Aramid Back


3rd Generation Infinity K‑tech Para‑aramid

The K7 (S) and SK11 ranges are lined with the same Infinity K-tech para-aramid. This hi-tech double layer construction provides excellent levels of protection. In a RiDE Magazine destruction test the K-tech Infinity was scored 10/10 for protection. The new lining has also improved on comfort by making the material more breathable and even softer than linings used before its introduction in 2018. We have always stated that coverage is of utmost importance for protection; after all, it isn’t worth having the strongest lining if it is then restricted only to the knees, hips and seat. The K7 (S) and SK11 ranges have exactly the same extensive coverage of the K-tech Infinity lining, providing the highest level of protection, whilst remaining comfortable when on or off the motorcycle.

The new Infinity K-Tech para-aramid helps Hood Jeans to easily pass the criteria for CE and UKCA: EN 17092-2:2020, at the highest class for protection; CLASS AAA.

K7 Motorcycle Jeans Airflow Mesh


SK11 Motorcycle Jeans Airflow Mesh


Climate Control ‘Airflow’ Mesh

This lining not only improves the comfort of the new K7 (S) and SK11 jeans, but also contributes to injury reduction. In a slide along the tarmac, the denim and para-aramid layers can move around rapidly over short distances across the skin, which could cause friction burns.

Adding the Airflow lining means these movements occur between the back face of the lining and the outer layers, not the wearer’s skin, reducing or preventing the risk of injury.

K7/AAA (S) and K7/B (S) Jeans – The ‘airflow mesh’ runs through the entire jean, from the waistband down to the hem.

SK11/AAA and SK11/B Jeans – The ‘airflow mesh’ runs from the waistband down to the shin. This allows this style to be able to have turn-ups.

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RiDE Magazine - Motorcycle Jeans Best Buy

RiDE Magazine Destruction Test

July 2019: The Test

This test was performed on twelve motorcycle jeans on the market; the Hood K7/AA Infinity Jean was one of only two jeans that survived all four tests still totally intact. RIDE wrote; ‘the Hood K7/AA Infinity Jean scored 10/10 for protection, offering complete protection, a great job from a good-looking pair of jeans’.

They took an old pair of sacrificial leather trousers and filled the butt/crotch with medium-sized gravel fixing jubilee clips around the ankles so that they could drag them behind a car. They then fitted the jeans over the leathers and carried out four separate drag tests. Starting off from rest, acceleration to 30mph and then, breaking to rest again. They carried out multiple drag tests because they wanted to see how the jeans would protect the skin in the event of a higher-speed or a longer-distance slide. Studying each pair after four runs gave a reasonable idea of this.

Best motorcycle jeans | Single layer vs lined: THE TRUTH

There’s been a lot of hype about single-layer jeans recently. They’re lighter and cooler than motorbike pants lined with Kevlar or other aramids, but are they really as safe? Is it true that some single-layer jeans are more abrasion-resistant than leather? Who should you trust?

We speak to a leading scientist and carry out extensive real-world and lab tests to find out the truth: Are single layer motorcycle jeans good, or is a pair of Kevlar-lined jeans the safest? We also find out if normal jeans are okay for a motorcycle?

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