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Mens' Motorcycle Jeans | K7 Blue K7 Infinity
Mens Blue
Mens' Motorcycle Jeans | K7 Navy K7 Infinity
Mens Navy
Mens' Motorcycle Jeans | K7 Black K7 Infinity
Mens Black
Womens' Motorcycle Jeans | K7 Blue K7 Infinity
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Womens' Motorcycle Jeans | K7 Black K7 Infinity
Womens Black

The K7 Infinity Range of
Motorcycle Jeans

  • Constructed to meet the requirements of prEN 17092:2017 for AA, A & B classifications.
  • Third Generation Infinity K-tech Para-aramid: Hi-tech double layer construction; this gives excellent protection and comfort by making the material more breathable and even softer than previous versions.
  • Extended coverage of the Infinity K-tech protective layer for increased protection.
  • Climate control “Airflow” mesh: This lining not only improves the breathability and comfort of the new K7 Infinity jean but also contributes to injury reduction. In a slide along the tarmac, the denim and para-aramid layers can move around rapidly over short distances across the skin, which could cause friction burns. Adding the Airflow lining means these movements occur between the back face of the lining and the outer layers, not the wearer’s skin, reducing or preventing the risk of injury.
  • Strengthened seams: Double stitching to meet and surpass the new test requirements.
  • Abrasion: Twenty one years of proven protection.
  • Heritage: Our family have produced denim jeans since 1955.
  • Great British: Designed, developed, tested, specified and finished in the UK.
  • Revolutionary D3O® T5 X Hip & Knee armour fitted as standard within the K7-AA Jean & K7-A Jean.
  • Upgrade: D3O® T5 PRO X Hip and Knee armour available in all jeans – level 2 impact protection.
  • Zip: YKK.
  • Extra-large front Pockets: Made entirely from denim for superior strength.
  • Belt loops: Six loops for secure fit.
  • Rivets: Paintwork friendly flat rivets.
  • Stud: Hood Jeans embossed design.
  • Contemporary denim.
  • Styling: New design labels, tabs, leather effect patch and Infinity embroidery.
  • Styles available: Mens stonewashed blue, midnight blue or black denim and womens stonewashed blue or black denim.

Armour Options
CE Classifications

From its launch in April of 2018 the Hood Jeans K7 Infinity jean has received widespread praise from the industry, motorcycle press and proud owners alike.

Feedback indicated that customers would prefer the armour to be optional. You told us what you wanted. We listened to you.

For 2019 the K7 Jean is available in five options:

The level 1 D3O® T5 X is the lightest and most comfortable armour:

  • K7-B Jean: CE certified to prEN 17092-5, Class B, NO impact protectors. £129.99
  • K7-A Jean: CE certified to prEN 17092-4, Class A, D3O® T5 X Knee armour. £147.99
  • K7-AA Jean: CE certified to prEN 17092-3, Class AA, D3O® T5 X Hip & Knee armour. £159.99

The D3O® T5 PRO X upgrade is a lot bulkier, however it does raise the protection to level 2:

  • K7-A PRO Jean: CE certified to prEN 17092-4, Class A, D3O® T5 PRO X Knee armour. £153.99
  • K7-AA PRO Jean: CE certified to prEN 17092-3, Class AA, D3O® T5 PRO X Hip & Knee armour. £171.99

The same, proven, trusted, independently tested and certified K7 Jean, with more options to match your requirements and the demands of your motorcycling.

Why you should
not trust
‘single layer’ motorcycle jeans

Please read, it may just save your skin!

The K7 Infinity Jean

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