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Unfortunately, a deer decided it wanted to cross the road at the exact point I was riding and ran into the side of the bike and took me out at about 40mph, the bike went about 50 metres down the road and I went about 20 metres down the road, I didn’t have the knee protection in but was very pleased at how well I was protected by just the jeans.



Motorcycle Jeans Protective Lining

Hello Julie,

For info I received the jeans. I also had to put them to the test. I crashed in them on Saturday morning. They did their job. It was a very high-speed crash and I went down hard on my right side and tumbled along a motorway. The jeans were holed at the knees but I have no fractures in my legs or hips. My hands were not so lucky and I broke two bones in my left hand. I’ll be ordering another pair. I have the remnants if you want them. The fire brigade cut them up to the knees though.

Best Regards


Motorcycle Jeans Protective Lining

After a few rides around in my Hood Jean I could affirm that these riding trousers are really, really, really good. The denim stretch is comparable to normal jean stretch, perhaps I could have gone for a smaller size but maybe it would have resulted in wrong choice for the hottest days of the year, but I mean, I’m trying to find something to say…reality is that I’m absolutely pleased with it!

Great trousers, once more, enormous feeling of quality and protection.


Motorcycle Jeans Protective Lining

I’ve just received the jeans and I am delighted with them. Being tall is hard enough to get properly fitting bike gear so when I found Hood I was very happy. I’ve been aware of you for some time now but never got around to ordering. I thought it was about time to get proper bike gear, so ordered.

The fit is perfect super-soft to touch and with armour…boom perfect. I’ll be looking at getting at least one more pair in the not-too-distant future. Thank you so much I’m very happy indeed to own them.


Motorcycle Jeans Protective Lining

I just got my jeans today and man I am absolutely blown away by the quality and the fit. It was so hard finding jeans that would fit my small body but I am incredibly glad I found you guys because these jeans fit very well!

I am also very impressed with the amount of protection these jeans give being virtually fully covered with k-tech para-aramid and coming with d3O pads.

I am extremely happy with my purchase and I hope you guys keep doing what you do!


Motorcycle Jeans Protective Lining

Just a quick one to say thank you. I’ve been waiting for a dry day to try out the jeans on the bike – which I did today. They are really comfortable on the bike, and worked really well off the bike going into shops etc. The stitching and construction are high quality, + I’m really glad I went for the ghost armour; you can hardly feel it on the knees. walking. or with knees bent on the bike. Your fitting/sizing advice in advance of my purchase was spot on.

Another very happy customer.
Best wishes

Motorcycle Jeans Protective Lining

Hi Julie, received my jeans this morning, they’re amazing, I’m gonna be ordering 2 more pairs in the next few weeks, love them, and they’re comfy as!


Motorcycle Jeans Protective Lining

My jeans arrived today and they are perfect!

• Waist – right on the money
• Thigh – Always the tricky measurement for me but the Hood jeans are bang on!
• Length – spot on for use with bike boots
• Armour – fits securely where it’s needed
• Pre-order advice – you clearly know your product extremely well.
• Delivery – prompt
• Recommendation – absolutely no doubt that Hood are great to shop with and I would recommend you guys to anyone.


Motorcycle Jeans Protective Lining

I was the lucky winner in a Bennett’s competition and as such won a pair of SK11 jeans. After owning them for a little while I just wanted to pass on my comments. They are comfortable and stylish. Even in the heatwave they’re not too hot and are a joy to wear. I can’t recommend them enough, they’re a fantastic pair of jeans.

Motorcycle Jeans Protective Lining

Dear Julie and family, I am amazed that the SK11 jeans I ordered on 6/3 arrived at my door, in the U.S., in 5 days. I unpacked them and am super impressed with the quality and fit. I really appreciate the meticulous construction and craftsmanship. They fit wonderfully. The D3O Ghost armor is virtually invisible and super pliable. Once the rain stops, I’ll give them a road test.

Thanks again for a fantastic experience.

Motorcycle Jeans Protective Lining

Hi Julie,

The 36 x 34 K7s fit like a dream of special blue pyjamas to wear on a motorcycle. The denim is so soft you don’t want to take the jeans off. I was riding in 77F degrees today and the air was cool going up my short boot into the leg all the way to my thighs as if there was suction bringing in the air. I’ve never had a pair of jeans or any pants cause air to flow into and up the legs like this. The Ghost Armor is the obvious choice, not only so easy to adjust at the knee with the long strip of Velcro inside the pocket, but you don’t feel the armour, not at all, and you can’t see it from the outside. The K7s are beyond what I expected.


Motorcycle Jeans Protective Lining

I got my pair of Hood K7s a couple of weeks ago and I must say they are the best pair of aramid armoured jeans I’ve owned in my 24 years of riding. Even though they are fully lined and fitted with the level 2 D3O armour, they are perfectly comfy and give me full confidence I’m as protected as I can be if the worst should happen. Unless it’s raining, they are now my go-to riding trousers.

That Ride “Best Buy” Triangle and glowing review from John Milbank at Bennetts are well deserved. Well done and keep up the good work!


Motorcycle Jeans Protective Lining
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