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Hi Hood Jeans, Just wanted to say a big thank you to the team at Hood for a fantastic product.

I hit a Muntjac on the way home from work in June and came off. Bike was a bit of a mess after a 50mph slide, but the cargo trousers were more than up to the test. Torn material, but not a scratch on the lining, and more to the point, not a scratch on me!

Thanks guys and gals, really appreciate such a great product!

Best regards, Peter

Motorcycle Jeans Protective Lining

I received my jeans today – I was out of town and so missed 2 previous attempts at delivery, so two thumbs up for fast shipping! They fit great, and my wife says she loves how they look on me. I’m impressed with the quality and sturdy feel, yet they’re soft and pliable, too-can’t wait to get them broken in properly!

My thanks for a great product, and as the husband of a small business owner on our side of the pond, it’s my pleasure to support your family business. I’m fully in business now – British jeans to ride my British motorcycle (Triumph Tiger).

Regards, Matt, USA

Motorcycle Jeans Protective Lining

Hi, I Had my Hood jeans cut off me today after a low Speed off after being side swiped on my motorbike.

Jeans stood up really well, and the ambulance tech couldn’t cut the Kevlar. The D30 armour worked really well, so no complaints from me apart having to road test the jeans. I’ll call tomorrow to order the replacements.

Cheers, Phil

Motorcycle Jeans Protective Lining

Hi, I recently invested in a pair of your original K7s – as an early customer of the very first type and having ridden for over eight hours in the new garment I can only report that the lining is even better softer and still closely weaved offering superb protection! Even off the bike you hardly notice that you are wearing armoured jeans – just so comfortable!! Top notch service ordered on a Sat midday and arrived shorted to length mid Tue..!

How to sum up Hood Jeans… A superior safety product from a team that really cares – buy British – you will be delighted! Cheers…

Thanks again,. Best regards Steve

Motorcycle Jeans Protective Lining

I was wearing the men’s version on March 17 when I got properly done by a car. I was also wearing their jacket, both were cut off but I can confirm I had no abrasion damage and my knees, hips, elbows and shoulders were untouched.

Hood gear is not only very comfortable to wear both on and off the bike it also does what it’s meant to.

Motorcycle Jeans Protective Lining

Living in Australia traditionally the big name in kevlar jeans was D****** and I had my fair share of those. A number of years ago I did a lot of internet research and ended up buying a couple of pairs of the original K7 jeans and loved them and still have them. Recently I decided to upgrade equipment with new jacket, helmet, boots and gloves and as a matter of interest dropped back to the Hood Jeans website to see what was new. Friends were saying get the D****** or R********* Jeans but having worn Hood Jeans I will never wear anything else.

I was elated as I saw the new K7 Infinity jeans but the hardest choice was which colour to buy. That problem was soon sorted as I am honoured to be the first person in the world to buy the holy trinity of K7 Infinity – the black, stonewash and midnight blue! My biggest problem now is not which jeans to wear but which colour I am going to wear.

I can not speak highly enough of the exceptional quality and protection of the jeans and the superlative customer service from Julie, Chris and Laura. Jeans arrive in Australia a week after despatch.

My congratulations and thanks to all at Hood Jeans for producing the best protective jeans on the market. I will be keeping my eyes on the website and will be the guaranteed owner of any future styles as well.

Do yourselves a favour and forget the rest, with Hood Jeans you are buying the best!


Motorcycle Jeans Protective Lining

I just received a pair of the K7 jeans in blue. Shipping was lightning fast. Let me just say that they are wonderful! Way beyond any expectations I had. They look like regular jeans and fit so comfortably I’m shocked. The protection afforded is remarkable. This is not my last pair. I wholeheartedly recommend Hood Jeans to the riders of not just Motorcycles but ATVs and scooters too.

Thank you, Brian.

Motorcycle Jeans Protective Lining

Well I just have to tell you how pleased I am with your Jeans.

El Paso, Texas, U.S.A. – The product is absolutely blinding, and I am most chuffed at your shipping time. In short, I stand here utterly gobsmacked by the whole experience. Rest assured, if people ask, I will most assuredly let them know of your company and excellent customer service….

Motorcycle Jeans Protective Lining

Dear Julie and the rest of the Hood Family,

I just want to give you some (good) feedback. Today I was really impressed by the speed of delivery. 28 hours from ordering to receiving the Hood K7 Infinity Jeans at my door – outside Oslo, Norway.

The jeans are the best looking motorcycle jeans I have ever seen, and the quality looks very promising. The fitting was perfect! If you usually use size 34” in your regular jeans, then you order 34”!

I ordered the jeans with the D3O T5 EVO protection since those are only 10 mm thick (thin) as I am planning to use these at work too.

I am looking forward to try them on tomorrow commuting to work.

Best regards, Hans

Motorcycle Jeans Protective Lining

Just like to say that having worn the new jeans for a few weeks now how much more comfortable they are over my older Hood Jeans (10 years old) The lining really makes a difference and the fit is absolutely perfect.

I hope that I never have to use them in anger but I feel totally confident that should the inevitable happen they will serve me well. I have had a different pair of jeans a couple of years go given to me as a present but they come no where near the quality of the K7 and I don’t use them at all. Brilliant service and cracking quality.

Regards Paul.

Motorcycle Jeans Protective Lining
Motorcycle Jeans Damage

Hi I bought some K7 jeans in May, unfortunately I had a front wheel washout on a country lane on Monday resulting in a 20mph slide along the road on my right side with my bike on top of me. As you can see from the attached photograph although the outer fabric of the jeans are damaged the inner fabric remains intact and that combined with the armour resulted in protection of my outer leg on the right side. Simon

Motorcycle Jeans Damage

Hello, I just wanted to say I purchased a pair of your new style jeans for this season and love them. I ride a 50/50 mix of off road and on and find your jeans work perfect, from temperatures in the mid 40’s to a high this year of 100 they worked well for me.

Thanks again for making a great product.


Motorcycle Jeans Protective Lining
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