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Real world feedback

After 19 years of success with Hood Jeans, it’s still comments like below that mean the most to us…

Hi – just wanted to say how pleased I am with the Cargo Jeans in black D30 armour. I bought them about 4 weeks ago prior to a trip to the French Alps in some fairly hot weather. Just got back and thought I would let you know that the fit is great, very comfortable to wear both on and off the bike when walking around and fine in the hot conditions. The pockets are really nice and deep with the security of Velcro on the side and back so you know you’re not going to lose anything.

Thankfully didn’t need to test the crash resistance, but felt way more confident than had I been wearing only jeans in that heat! I would have cooked in my leathers!

On the move I could feel the cooling air movement through the fabric so can attest to their breathability and love the way I can wear them outside my bike boots for extra ventilation or tucked inside during rain etc.

Thanks again for a great product and very good, polite and friendly service when I phoned up – well done and be sure of my recommendation to my friends.


Thank you to Hood jeans! You literally saved my skin! Not a scratch!

I have been looking for a pair of riding jeans & had read a ton of blogs and biker mag reviews and your jeans kept receiving the highest accolades.

I ordered a pair of your K7 jeans with the D30 knee & hip protectors at the beginning of the week and they arrived yesterday. I live in Normandy so already the speed of delivery impressed me but it doesn’t stop there.

They say the proof is in the cooking and I rode for 4 hours yesterday afternoon incidentally, the average temperature was 30C. I was blown away by the quality of the cut and fabric (they fit better than my 501’s), the comfort – I never felt hot or noticed the protectors and they look like a normal pair of jeans not the bulky attire usually associated with protective biker gear.

You have a fantastic product which I will recommend to all my other biker buddies.


I visited you and bought a pair of jeans back in May. I just wanted you to know that while on tour in Spain last week, I dropped my Triumph Explorer at about 20 MPH, breaking my ankle and arm in the process. I had no road rash at all and the jeans were completely undamaged. Sadly, the medical team had to cut them off me but I managed to save the armour!

Fantastic protection and I am happy for you to use this email as a Commendation of the quality.

Just wanted to say a big thanks for the K7’s, delivered yesterday – 7 days to regional South Australia is bloody amazing!

They look, feel and fit like a really tough pair of jeans. Waist size same as my Levis was spot on too. The knee armour gives me that extra bit of reassurance and no ugly seams across the thigh and calf.

Fantastic! I’ve already recommended them to others.


I crash tested my HOOD JEANS whilst trying to learn to wheelie. Obviously we were practicing on private land, with the owner’s permission. Well as you can see, my jeans stood up to my lack of talent far better that my bike did. This was approximately at 40 mph.

My jeans performed extremely well in their confrontation for the tarmac, and just tore the fabric. The K-tech Para-aramid lining was totally un-marked and did its job 100%.

I always wondered how effective they would be in an accident, now I know and am so pleased I purchased these jeans rather than any other make. When I need new ones, there is NO doubt where I will be getting them from. The customer service was top class too, and to top it all, it is a British company

Thank you to all at HOOD JEANS… 10/10

I’ve been wearing my Hood Jeans since 2007. Last autumn I put them to the ultimate test when a stolen car pulled out in front of me. His front bumper grazed the front folk leg, mangled the exhaust pipe and clobbered my right shin before flipping me over the bonnet.

I think the main impact was to my right boot but the knee armour in the Jeans was very effective in protecting my knees from the initial impact and subsequent excursion over the bonnet.

Just a quick email to say thank you for the quality of the jeans. I had a 40 mph fall this morning, followed by a long slide down the road. Thanks to the jeans, although I’m a bit bashed and sore, all I have to show for it is a few minor knee abrasions. I hate to think what state I would have been in if I had worn normal jeans!

Excellent product as advertised and I would highly recommend to anyone without hesitation.

Great buying experience! I am very pleased with the product received and the speedy delivery. This is my second pair. I lost weight and wanted to get another as I liked them completely.

Thank you very much!

The Jeans arrived yesterday and I cannot thank you enough. They fit like real jeans unlike some of your competitors.

I am blown away by the quality and I will be recommending these locally.

Just a short mail to say how impressed I am with the cargo jean my wife purchased recently for me from your company. They are superbly made & the fit is just right, the armour is unobtrusive to the fit & style of the jeans.

Needless to say I would not hesitate to purchase from you again or recommend your company. Pleased to support British industry in a small way.

I bought a pair of Hood Jeans this year. I did always feel comfortable but in the back of my mind was, are they ok or should I be wearing my leathers? Anyway long story short I came off my bike yesterday and I think it was at about 40 MPH and all I got was a very slight cut to my knee, (with lots of bruises elsewhere), I think that was impact as I got high sided.

The damage to the jeans was a tiny hole in the outer layer and no penetration to the K-tech Para-aramid, 100 percent impressed with them and I have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone who wants armoured jeans.

Just received my K7 Jeans. What can I say?

Wonderful Jeans can compete with any number of premium jeans brands. It fits very comfortable and looks very, very safe.

I hope never to test its acclaimed protection.

My next motorcycle jeans will be another Hood!

My K7 Jeans stood up to a 60mph slide; part of which had a 200kg bike on top of them (and me)!

The K-tech Para-aramid lining was completely intact, saving me from injury. Many Thanks


Motorcycle Monthly on the Hood K7 Jean with the new 2015 K-tech lining;

The K7s are comfortable on and off the bike, look good and will protect me from both impact and a slide. To my mind, Hood’s jeans are the best you can buy – and the best just got better.


Visordown – Motorcycle Jeans – 8 of the BEST
Hood K7 Jean – Result 2nd      

  • Comfort 8/10
  • Abrasion resistance 10/10
  • Style 8/10
  • Impact protection 0/4

Visordown’s verdict – ‘We absolutely loved Hood’s K7 Jeans. They’re covered from top to bottom with protective K-tech Para-aramid, are £145 cheaper than our group winner, and could easily pass for casual wear’.

Reader comment – ‘Hood give you the option to buy their Jeans with or without D3O armour so if, like me, you already have some you’re not forced to buy it again. If you want the armour it’s an additional £30. A complete pair of Jeans is still £116 cheaper than the winners’.

Hood’s view – This was a great review, just a shame we were deducted the 4 points for offering optional impact armour, otherwise we would have topped the leader board. We did trial this a few years back and the feedback from customers confirmed they wanted the choice. To read more visit http://www.visordown.com/product-features/tested-kevlar-jeans-review/26481.html or for the Hood review go to http://www.visordown.com/product-features/tested-kevlar-jeans-review/26481-8.html#historysub

Subject to our recent telephone conversation concerning the high speed accident I had whilst wearing my Hood jeans. As you can see from the attached photograph, the damage to the jeans is quite substantial but I have come away with not a mark on me considering that I slid down the road for at least 100 metres.

These jeans are at least seven years old and have had numerous washes but they still did their job. I do not think I would have got better protection even from leather. A brilliant product, at a very reasonable price.

Needless to say, I have ordered a new pair, but hope I won’t be testing them again. To all you bikers out there, if you like riding in jeans (as I do) make sure they are a pair of Hood Jeans.


Just had to let you know that I have been wearing your jeans for years & have loved the fit & style.

But I had an accident recently so got a chance to test them too! My front brakes seized on at approx 70 mph on the M25, I got spat off the bike & went sliding down the motorway like a Moto GP rider!

Your jeans & armour worked fantastically, while the denim was shredded on my backside, the knees turned white from wear & a small tear in the knee armour. I was fine with not even a serious bruise, no cuts or road rash!

I will only recommend your jeans to friends and co-workers.
I will be buying another pair soon. Thanks.

I was taken out by a Vauxhall Meriva not indicating and pulling out so sharply, on the dual carriageway outskirts of Henley, it was as if they were avoiding an accident. End result was me and my bike cart wheeling down the road at 70mph.

My Screaming Eagle Limited Edition V Rod was totalled. I thought I was due the same fate!
A & E were swearing at you lot as it took 3 pairs of scissors to cut my K7’s off. However, they did say that it was probably the jeans that saved my right leg. This was because I had a tortional fracture of my tibia which would have probably punctured my skin had my leg not been restrained within the Kevlar and tough jean material. I counted myself very lucky. So thank you again for your excellent products and for looking after me 🙂

I had been singing the praises of your products before the accident but this gave them ‘proof of the pudding’. Most of the members at Thames Valley and Oxford HOG Chapters now know of your products and a lot of them are wearing them.

Service: Excellent and friendly.

Delivery: Rapid, no-nonsense packaging.

Jeans quality: Fantastic, commendable, construction, perfectly fit for purpose.

Jeans fit: Brilliant – I wish my regular jeans were this well cut.

Style: Great on the bike or down the pub. Overall, very happy; great value for money for Great British product. I’ll be saving up for another pair! (Maybe the K7 in black next time?!)

90mph slide until stationery (no impact), couple of rolls near the end. The outer fabric makes it look bad but the worst you can say about the para-aramid fibres is it looks slightly fluffy and a bit grubby – it would be good to do exactly the same again.

Highly recommended.

I came off the bike at around 70mph, losing consciousness in the process. I escaped any sort of major injury despite the K7 jeans and the armour being badly damaged in the process. I’m very glad I had these as I’d only bought them a few weeks prior to the accident.

The A&E department at the hospital were quite amazed that I’d not damaged my hips or got anything more than bruising to my knees.

I placed an order for some ND4 jeans with D30 armour on the 14th March, and I’m very glad I did!

Not only did they fit perfect and feel very comfortable, but they also work perfectly, which I found out the hard way following a recent accident.

Unfortunately my pillion girlfriend was wearing a different brand of Kevlar jean which did not stand up so well, resulting in road rash to her left knee.

I am intending to replace my jeans like for like and a pair for my girlfriend.

Many thanks once again for producing such a superb BRITISH product.

Thanks for quick delivery. Unfortunately I won’t be riding to Germany next week as it turns out my thumb was broken and my hand is now in plaster. But a broken thumb and toe is not bad considering I hit a deer at 60mph+.

I must have still been doing 50mph when I hit the road. The denim tore, but the Para-aramid is untouched. The armour was a bonus – I would have broken a knee otherwise.