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About Hood Jeans – Innovative jeans of true heritage

How Hood Jeans became one of the world’s leading specialists of reinforced motorcycle jeans

Hood Jeans are a family company based in Norfolk, England. Chris and Julie set up the company in 1998 but the roots of Hood Jeans go back a lot further.

Chris’s parents (June and Tom) first started making Jeans back in 1955 at the Lee Cooper factory in Harold Wood, London. They met at the factory, Tom being a mechanic and June a machinist, they married in 1957. Tom also worked in Germany during the late 1950’s helping to develop many of the sewing machines used to this day within Jean production. In the early sixties Tom helped to set up Falmer Jeans in Billericay, Essex. Later that decade he set up his own company; this was called Motown Jeans and was based in Stanford-le-Hope, Essex.

It was at the Motown Clothing factory where history repeated itself and Chris met his future wife Julie. They worked there for another eight years before leaving to set up their own clothing design and manufacturing company.

They spent the next few years designing jeans for major high street names; during this time they were asked by a Motocross team to design their race kit. They were given fabrics such as Cordura, Ballistic Nylon and Kevlar to use within the kit and gained much knowledge about their strengths.

They continued working on the race kits for two years before combining these new fabrics with their background in denim Jeans and the seed for Hood Jeans was planted. Chris and Julie worked on these ideas over the next two years before launching the Hood Jeans brand of Motorcycle Jeans in 1998.

When launched the Hood K7 jean was one of the first motorcycle jeans in the UK, it has become one of the bestselling and most respected motorcycle Jeans on the market. Over the years Hood Jeans have added more styles to their range in shape of the B15, Cargo and G8evo jeans.

Hood’s business philosophy is quite simple; make the best product they can and sell it direct thus cutting out the middle man. This enables them to produce a top quality, British made motorcycle jean and market them at a very competitive price.

2015 was an exciting year for Hood Jeans. They introduced the more comfortable K-tech Para-aramid lining and also added to the protection by extending the coverage of the new lining. Both were an amazing success with sales increasing by an incredible 70%. 2015 also marked the sixtieth anniversary of Chris’s parent’s career in Jean production. Tom loved reading the features in various magazines that mentioned this; he also loved the success of the new products. Sadly Tom passed away in October, he will be missed greatly as a mentor to Chris and Julie as well as a father.

The aim for Chris and Julie for 2016 is to build on the success of 2015. They have added the ‘Free Worldwide Exchange Service’ to the ‘Free Worldwide Delivery’. All taxes and duties are already included in the price meaning the price you see is the price you pay. Chris says “I’m really excited that everyone in the world can now get to see our products”. Hood Jeans remain a family run company. They are proud of their products and the fact that they still produce all the Jeans in the UK. Chris and Julie enjoy the personal touch this allows them to give their customers. Julie finishes by saying “our customers have given us so much support, encouragement and custom over the years; it’s this backing that’s made us the company we are today”.

Visits Welcome – by appointment only

Customers are welcome to visit our premises to BUY DIRECT, although please be aware that visits are not always possible during the summer high season. Any jeans purchased can be altered to length while you wait.

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Pictures courtesy of Twist & Go magazine. Photographer Rich Addison.

“The pockets are really nice and deep with the security of Velcro on the side and back so you know you’re not going to lose anything.”

“I had no road rash at all and the jeans were completely undamaged. Sadly, the medical team had to cut them off me but I managed to save the armour!”

“I never felt hot or noticed the protectors and they look like a normal pair of jeans not the bulky attire usually associated with protective biker gear.”

“I had no road rash at all and the jeans were completely undamaged. Sadly, the medical team had to cut them off me but I managed to save the armour!”

“The knee armour gives me that extra bit of reassurance and no ugly seams across the thigh and calf.”

“My jeans performed extremely well in their confrontation for the tarmac… The K-tech Para-aramid lining was totally un-marked…”

“…the knee armour in the Jeans was very effective in protecting my knees from the initial impact and subsequent excursion over the bonnet.”

“Excellent product as advertised and I would highly recommend to anyone without hesitation.”

“Great buying experience! I am very pleased with the product received and the speedy delivery.”

“The Jeans arrived yesterday and I cannot thank you enough. They fit like real jeans unlike some of your competitors.”

“Just a short mail to say how impressed I am with the cargo jeans my wife purchased recently… They are superbly made and the fit is just right.”

“The damage to the jeans was a tiny hole in the outer layer and no penetration to the K-tech Para-aramid, 100 percent impressed with them.”

“My K7 Jeans. What can I say? Wonderful Jeans can compete with any number of premium jeans brands. It fits very comfortable and looks very, very safe.”

“My K7 Jeans stood up to a 60mph slide; part of which had a 200kg bike on top of them (and me)! The K-tech Para-aramid lining was completely intact.”

Subject to our recent telephone conversation concerning the high speed accident I had whilst wearing my Hood jeans. As you…